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Why Choose SERVPRO for Oakland Water Damage Mitigation

The torrential rains flowed from the patio through the french doors of this Oakland home. Our customers wisely immediately called us to mitigate the storm damag... READ MORE

Basement Flooding and Remediation in Oakland

The clean water flooded this basement from the water heater closeby. SERVPRO can relocate the contents and extract the small amount of water from the concrete f... READ MORE

Water Extraction and Drying in an Oakland Area Bank

The water from the burst pipe occurred during the night. Fortunately, an alarm alerted the manager, who then called SERVPRO to come and remove the water. Our te... READ MORE

Oakland House Devastated from Flooding

When groundwater flows freely into a vacant house, and no efforts are made to extract the water and dry the structure, the Before Photo results. Mold, visible o... READ MORE

House Fire Clean-Up in Oakland

Not a surprise that the homeowners of this Oakland residence were distraught after the firefighters left. The water and fire damage was extensive and would take... READ MORE

Water Clean-Up in an Oakland Warehouse

Because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, we are the company of choice for emergency services water damage. Many business owners and property managers are awar... READ MORE

Basement Apartment and Water Removal Services

This finished basement apartment had a failed coupling in the supply line to the commode and soaked the carpeted floor and the baseboards with water, over sever... READ MORE

Water Cleanup from an Oakland Small Warehouse

The flash flood covered the concrete pad in this warehouse in the Oakland area. The sump pump well was clogged with debris, and the motor burned out. The accumu... READ MORE

Storm Damage in West Oakland

The water on the carpeted floor in this West Oakland home has caused more damage than the first appearance shows in the Before Photo. The window area's saturati... READ MORE

House Fire Clean-Up in West Oakland

The culprit in this house fire damaging event was an improperly maintained fireplace. The hearth and flue were filled with creosote, a combustion by-product tha... READ MORE