Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Basement Flooding and Remediation in Oakland

The clean water flooded this basement from the water heater closeby. SERVPRO can relocate the contents and extract the small amount of water from the concrete f... READ MORE

Water Clean-Up in an Oakland Warehouse

Because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, we are the company of choice for emergency services water damage. Many business owners and property managers are awar... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak in Oakland

The steady dripping of water from the supply line to this water tank in an Oakland utility closet meant extensive demolition for this confined area. SERVPRO ASD... READ MORE

West Oakland Water Recovery Underway

The Before Photo shows this West Oakland property already substantially harmed from an ongoing water leak. The team from SERVPRO can strip out and discard all t... READ MORE

Water Damage Between Floors

The ceiling in this Oakland home shows the water soaking into the sheetrock panels and causing damage. There is a safety risk from the added weight of the water... READ MORE

Water Heater and Damage in Oakland

The Before Photo depicts the damage from a small water drip over time in this Oakland utility closet. The black mold growth could have been prevented if our SER... READ MORE