Water Damage Photo Gallery

close, pad, two air movers

Oakland Water Damaged Closet

The carpet, soaked from water, was removed from this Oakland area bedroom closet. Our SERVPRO techs dried the concrete pad along with the trim and walls using heated air movers. We can then set new tack strips and replace the carpet.

wet carpet, base cabinets, equipment drying area, long table on side

West Oakland Water Removal

This large snack room/utility area of a West Oakland business suffered a water leak from the sink plumbing. To ensure a safe environment for the workers, our client called in us, SERVPRO, to quickly extract the water and dry the carpet with a dehumidifier and an air mover.

poly tent, green drying equipment

Oakland Water Removal and Drying

SERVPRO can use advanced methods and equipment to remove the residual water from hardwood floors in Oakland homes. Pictured is a "tent" connected via a flexible duct to a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture content in the planks.

dehu on the carpet-removed floor, zip poly barricade at the doorway

Oakland Water Damage Mitigation

SERVPRO works hard to minimize the water damage from copious amounts of flow that soaks into carpeting and wallboard. We can speed up the drying by sealing an unaffected room with poly sheeting at the entrance. Our LGR dehumidifier can then work with less water vapor to complete the job quicker with less danger of more water damage.

cut out walls and floor, dehu and air mover visible

Water Removal and Drying in Oakland

The leak damaged the floors and walls in this Oakland kitchen. SERVPRO strives to restore, but we can do controlled demolition when needed to replace water-damaged building materials. Our advanced equipment is completing the service before we begin the build back.

equipment by white bunkbeds, plywood subfloor

Oakland Water Damage Mitigation

The air movers and the LGR low-grain refrigerant dehumidifier are drying out the plywood subfloor in this second floor Oakland bedroom. With a fast response, our SERVPRO team can mitigate the damages for our customer.