Storm Damage Photo Gallery

PVC plumbing and sump pump well, clean basement, not evidence of flooding

Basement Flooding Cleanup in West Oakland

This is how a flooded basement in West Oakland looks post-cleanup from our skilled SERVPRO team. We can use shovels, squeegees, pressure washings along with more advanced pumps and extractors. The sump pump is now functioning, the concrete walls and pad foundation are dry.

hanging batten insulation from broken ceiling

Storm Damaged Roof in Oakland

When a roof is breached from strong winds and rainwater can soak the attic, a result like shown here is possible. The soaked batten insulation has broken through the ceiling panels creating a safety risk. Our SERVPRO technicians can remove all storm damaged debris and then start the restoration and drying.

containment barrier of poly covering couch plus, some demolition on ceiling and walls

Oakland Flood Damage Remediation

The water has been removed from the flooding in this Oakland property. Our SERVPRO crew set up a containment barrier to protect some furnishings as we completed the drying portion of the storm damage service.

dark warehouse, equipment drying it out water on concrete floor

Commercial Flooding Remediation in Oakland

SERVPRO technicians have removed most of the groundwater from this Oakland warehouse. Dehumidifiers and air movers are continuing the work to completion. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster! And ready to help 24/7!

concrete floor, studs, and air movers green

West Oakland Storm Damage

SERVPRO techs can pump out any remaining stormwater from this West Oakland home and then begin removing contaminated building materials. The concrete pad and framing are being dried by snail centrifugal air movers. Our advanced equipment gets the job done!

drying equipment on plywood floor, fireplace in back area

Oakland Stormwater Drying

The water and carpet, having been removed from this Oakland home, now shows an LGR dehumidifier and an air scrubber to complete the drying. Fast service can salvage the plywood subflooring panels. Call us to save you money.