Fire Damage Photo Gallery

charred and burned walls and debris in this house

Oakland House Fire Cleanup

This Photo illustrates the mess left behind a house fire in Oakland. SERVPRO has the team and equipment to assess, plan, and execute a cleanup and demolition of all burned assemblies. We also improve the indoor air quality IAQ with our advanced equipment and products.

soot and fire damage in an A-frame interior

Oakland House Fire Cleanup

The fire damaged structural components and also deposited thick layers of soot in this Oakland home. SERVPRO understands that odor control from the smoke damage is of primary concern for a complete restoration. We can start with air scrubbers and wiping down the walls.

studs, damaged debris, burned joists

West Oakland House Fire Clean Up

Significant fires call for the expertise from SERVPRO FSRT fire and smoke damage restoration techs to remove the burned building elements, assemblies, and content. Count on us to clean it all up and prep for a rebuild.

sooty ceilings, extension pole with sponge shown

Oakland Smoke Remediation

Our SERVPRO technician uses an extension pole fitted with a special sponge to remove the soot from this Oakland home. The painstaking effort, on our part, precludes the need to repaint the smoke-damaged surfaces.

sooty deposits on floor and counter tops in bathroom

West Oakland Puff Back

The sticky, sooty film on the surfaces and tiled floor of this bathroom can be vacuumed and wiped up by our SERVPRO crew. This type of fire damage requires intricate and careful cleaning of all exposed surfaces, meaning large interior areas. We also grapple with odor control to improve indoor air quality.

burnt wires and charred and blackened trusses and sheathing

West Oakland Fire Damaged Attic

The charred attic, including the electrical Romex cables, can be restored or replaced to preloss condition with the help of SERVPRO FSRT fire and smoke damage restoration technicians. We have the equipment and products to remove the charring and the odors.