What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

When the bathroom sink leaked into our custom made wood vanity I thought we were toast.  One of my friends recommended SERVPRO and they came in to carefully dry the wood and let it settle back down.  With their help, the sink incident didn’t escalate.

The dishwasher broke and there was water soaking the two cabinets on either side.  We called SERVPRO to try to repair them and luckily they did.  It sure beat having to replace them all!

We didn’t know the water line under our home had ruptured until our hardwood floors became uneven.  When we called SERVPRO it was our last effort at fixing the problem instead of replacing (and trying to match) the planks affected. Thanks to you, there is no perceptible damage to our floor.

We couldn’t be happier with your service. From the moment you arrived it was clear that you knew what you were doing and we felt good about trusting you. Thank you!

Our downstairs bathroom kept running for days before we noticed and by then the floor was already bubbling up.  The SERVPRO staff knew exactly what to do and we were spared the expense of replacing all of it. Thank you!

A sewage line problem required professional attention and a friend suggested we call SERVPRO.  They came in shortly after we called and installed several industrial machines to extract the water.  Then they made sure it was all disinfected.  Best money we ever spent.