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Fire Damage Testimonials

My slow cooker is ancient and caused a short while I wasn’t home.  When I arrived there was smoke everywhere.  Although we didn’t need to call the fire department, my electrician suggested we call SERVPRO to deodorize and sanitize our home.  They didn’t let us down.

I never thought we would be one of those families where a cigarette causes a fire.  The soot, smoke and the sludge left behind by the fire department were significant.  SERVPRO was true to its word and helped us through it all.

Thank you to all your crew for cleaning up my space after my experiment went awry. There is no soot anywhere and the smell is all gone.  Excellent work!

A candlelit dinner turned for the worse despite our best efforts to extinguish the flames quickly.  The worst part was the smell left behind.  Thank you SERVPRO for bringing your “A” game and helping restore the air in our home.

My daughter left for school and left her space heater on.  Although the fire wasn’t devastating, it still left a significant trail. SERVPRO not only helped me clean the ashes, but helped me with my insurance paperwork.

My friends and I thought it was a great idea to light fire to what we wanted to leave behind in 2020.  We also thought it was easy to do in the living room…needless to say, the mess was huge.  I called SERVPRO and they came and sorted through it all, including discarding the couch we burned.